The difference between a Travel Alert, Travel Advisory and Traveller Warning

In the context of the world that I live in and move around work wise, it's pretty simple. When I read a Travel Alert by the State Dept. I interpret that that is a location that was not on their radar for being a prior risk and now recently in the last couple weeks has [...]

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Etiquette and Executive Protection

Most of the times we spend our days in the background, they go to meetings and we wait outside, or downstairs, or wherever. But in that small window that we have sometimes to impress our client and show them that we are worthy of their business and that the costs are justified many agents fail. [...]

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Facial Hair in the EP World

  I personally am an off and on facial hair kinda guy, when I work with agents that have facial hair all I ask is that they keep it trimmed and cleaned up. I believe employers that frown upon facial hair fear agents won’t keep it trimmed enough or that the look won’t have that [...]

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My Best Practices when sending Agents into Harm’s way.

I’ve been sending guys into harm’s way since 2008 when I first started the company. From Marijuana Burns in the Sinaloa Region to Immigration Routes in Guatemala. This is not something I do easily and with a clear conscious. It takes me some time to decide on a couple of key factors and [...]

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“If you’re gonna be stupid…you better be hard”

  These are the words I remember hearing as I muscled my way thru military training. As the training got more physically painful I was always looking for ways to make the pain go away, which in turn led to cutting corners which in turn led to getting caught which then turned into more suffering. [...]

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Are my Agents burned out?

  I see this quite a bit, agents that get burned out and just kind of go thru the motions of providing security. Security agents aren’t super humans that can go on for days on end. They also just flat out get bored. Static security watches can be really taxing on the mind. You have [...]

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