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EESS Inc. Supports all LATAM

There really isn’t much we can’t cover in LATAM, from providing vehicles and pick ups to daily transfers, it’s just what we do. We have a trusted network of agents, providers, and bilingual agents that can manage all of the security logistics and contingencies that may come into play. Trust EESS with your employees, many already do.

EESS Inc.’s protection services are customized for every individual, starting with the proper planning. Our trained teams work to best understand your situation, and then come up with a world class program to follow. Every team member is trained and certified to ensure the highest level of protection.

Here is a complete list of executive protection services we offer:

Close ProtectionExecutive ProtectionLow Profile Close ProtectionFamily ProtectionSecure TransportResidential SecurityCorporate Campus SecurityTravel SecurityInternational SecurityEvent SecurityProtective SurveillanceCounter SurveillanceEmbedded Media SecurityBodyguard Services
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